We have been designing your furniture for over a decade, designing your ideas, building your furniture, a unique piece of furniture. We customize fireplaces, fitted walls, indoor and outdoor furniture. We work for private clients, for companies and for public bodies, always producing quality and tailored products.

CUSTOMIZED CARPENTRY, OUTDOOR WAREHOUSE, to make your dream furniture!


From design to the realization of custom-made or oversized furniture that meets your needs. The experience gained in working with wood, oversize cabinet-making, guarantee the best result for the customer looking for the exclusive, unique niche product. Customized joinery helps you rediscover the warmth of wood, the quality of the raw material, while maintaining low cost prices. We listen to the customer, we recommend it to get the most with the right investment. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Design for outdoor

The outdoor design that we offer ranges from classic to modern. We make chairs, benches, tables and chairs, canopies and wooden covers.

Furniture for professionals

Furniture for professional studios made to measure. You can have an exclusive studio, with fine furnishings, choosing the most suitable materials, with a contained expense.

Interior furnishings

Interior furniture, interior furnishings, such as living rooms, tables, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens. All our interior furnishings are custom made.

Trunks for Living Rooms

Wood Trunks for Living Rooms. Tailored drums made with the skill of the cabinet maker, the artist of wood.

Furnitures restoration

Restoration is a complex and delicate art. Choose custom-made joinery. Window and door restoration, furniture restoration.

Design and Rendering

Design and rendering of wooden furnishings. Watch your furniture in digital. Our experience at your service. Contact Us!

Some Features

Custom Wood Cutting

We offer a complete service, from the design and cutting of wood to assembly. In addition to custom-made wood processing, we take care of choosing the materials to be used. You can take advantage of our services, from the design to the construction of wooden furniture.

Supply for companies and individuals

Design and supply of furnishings for companies, individuals and public bodies, furnishings for commercial activities. Custom furniture is made respecting the particularities of the environment in which they are placed. Want more information?

Design for furniture

A home furnished with custom-made furniture does not necessarily have to follow the most modern trends: first of all, it must respond to the tastes of those who live there and make the home more functional and pleasant to live in.

Furniture consultancy

The quality of a piece of furniture is also evaluated by how it fits into the architectural context. Similarly, the quality of a room’s furnishings is also assessed by how it relates to other rooms in the home. Request a consultation.